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Mapioid chooses the best web hosting plans for You. Whether on one of our 3 Shared Hosting Packages or our 3 Cloud Hosting Packages. We offer you multiple levels because we know all businesses have different needs. Shared Hosting is for small businesses & individuals just starting out. Cloud Hosting is for medium businesses or individuals interested in website traffic growth, and loading speed. Listed below is what we provide in premium web hosting.


Backups and Restore Points

We regularly complete backups as a component of security. Backups both give and require security. Our backups are kept in a safe area far from the primary server, following the other security steps we layout. A protected reinforcement gives a trusted archive to the most recent duplicates of the system and information that can be sent to restore a known, clean system to operation.

Network Monitoring

We monitor the inward network for interruptions and unordinary action. Tenacious monitoring can stop server-to-server spread of malware before it gets to the server hosting your site. Mapioids’ manual for network monitoring best practices and strategies are for any great business groups ought to take after.

SSL, Firewalls, and DDoS Prevention

Dispersed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) assaults happen when a staggering measure of movement is sent to your site, rendering it futile to guests. Aversion begins at the edge of the network with a decent firewall. Be that as it may, there are points of confinement to how well a firewall stops DDoS assaults.

We at Mapioid, will provide you the security & stability of premium web hosting with HTTPS & SSL Encryption. On the off chance that you have an arrangement in which you deal with your own particular server, we offer solutions on what level web server you should be on, as well as solving your security and encryption issues.

Antivirus and Malware Scanning or potentially Removal

We perform defensive activities while hosting your website. We run constant website checks, and make the website data available to you upon request. In the event that your website is contaminated with malware, we then quickly eliminate the malware, update our security & put your website back online in minutes, fully intact. The server security steps we provide will keep you safe in blocking malware from your website.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

We as a hosting organization that will keep your site running with 99.9% uptime or better. This goes past record level backups. Is an uncovered metal picture accessible for your server? This is an entire duplicate of a spotless, working server operating system for an expedient recuperation from system disappointments.

We ensure your site with risk moderation as well as be there to enable you to recuperate when calamity strikes.

Server Security Best Practices

On the off chance that you have an arrangement that gives a server without administration bolster, you may need to do a few or the greater part of this all alone. In the event that your arrangement includes some level of equipment as well as programming administration bolster, the accompanying will give you a thought of which things to ask or what the help individuals are discussing.

Access and User Permissions

We at Mapioid utilize Secure Socket Shell (SSH) & (HTTPS), or comparable, to sign into the server to keep up your website. For additional security, we offer extended security systems for 24 hour monitoring, firewalls, antivirus and a tool chest utilizing preventive measures to keep your website up and running.

We provide another great security step by whitelisting IPs that are permitted to access the server for upkeep. This is adjusted through our hosts control board.

Passwords and User Access

At the website level, we manage the webpage, visitor creators, and conceivably website guests, contingent upon the idea of the webpage. We set up and implement highest quality strategies for safety and security.

We authorize secret word quality arrangements and require site administrators and supporters of refresh their accreditations frequently.

We never permit unlimited document transfers. We confine transfers to the sorts of documents your users will truly need to transfer, and bar contents or other executable code.

Plugins, Software Updates, and Backups

We continuously keep your Website/CMS and programming refreshed. Most recent adaptations are fixed to settle all known security gaps. We change any default settings, for example, the administrator login name, to enforce security.

When introducing modules and other programming, we update the code to insure your website has no vulnerabilities. These measurements give you a thought of the security and unwavering quality of the item.

Code Reviews

We perform them. A code survey is an inside and out check of an application after advancement is finished and it is prepared to be discharged. This is best finished with a blend of computerized apparatuses and human review. The audit is led in the full setting of utilizing the application — from login and validation to information preparing, encryption, and capacity.

Encryption, Firewalls, and DDoS Protection

We provide a web application firewall (WAF) that monitors HTTP(S) activity to and from particular web applications. This gives more particular security than a network firewall, which monitors HTTP, yet does not comprehend the particular prerequisites of a web application. A WAF can be arranged to counteract SQL infusions and different strategies, for example, cross-site scripting and testing for vulnerabilities.

At last, SSL (secure attachments layer) innovation is required when sensitive information is transferred to and from the server. A SSL endorsement does not secure your server from assaults or malware, but instead scrambles and secures correspondence between your server and the individual utilizing your site. By utilizing SSL, we are securing your data and keeping your trust in our service.







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