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Mapioid Web Development Is 24 Hour Web Monitoring


5 Reasons Why You Need Web Monitoring


Know your website is down before your customers.
Your businesses reputation is important to us.
A website that’s down means you’re losing customers.
Website Monitoring is like a website insurance policy.
All websites have occasional trouble. Best to be prepared.



What We Do:


Phase 1 Monitor will keep tabs on your site every 5 minutes, and alert us the moment that downtime is detected.
Phase 2 Monitor will keep tabs on your site every 60 seconds, and alert us the moment that downtime is again detected.

Once its activated, one of our servers will start checking your site every 5 minutes/60 seconds. If it looks like something’s wrong, we’ll send off email notifications to our team to instantly take care of the issue.

If your site is responding intermittently, or slowly our team will get alerted quickly.

If your sites pages are loading slowly we get alerted. This may trigger that your site to be inaccessible after 10 seconds, that’s when Phase 1 Monitor checks your site and alerts our team.

Goals – If your business is e-commerce, your goal is probably a sale. If your business is newsletters, your goal is a registration. Our Mapioid team helps you with goal setting.

Comparing Date Ranges – We include new capabilities that allow you to compare two different time periods and chart them immediately.

Deep Geographic Data – We can see how your site is performing in a variety of metrics by city or country. Including the percentage of time users spend on your website.

Local Conversion Data – We can also see how well your site is converting in different locales. For e-commerce businesses, this means you can adjust your offers based on how they are performing geographically, much like brick and mortar retails have done for years.

Funnel Visualization – This is a different way of saying “where do users bail out of the registration process?” By knowing this information, our team can fix the parts that seem to be scaring users away.

Navigation Summary – This report shows how users maneuver through your site. For example, you can see where users go from the homepage, or how others get to your contact page.

Customized Dashboard – Our Mapioid team uses a customizable Dashboard where any report can be added and arranged via drag and drop functionality. When we want to see how a particular goal is converting, we can move this report to the Dashboard for quick access.

Site Overlay – We open this feature on your site using data from Analytics, allowing us to mouse over the links and see how much they are being clicked on and whether they ultimately lead to goal conversion.

Email Reports – One of the key new features of Analytics is the ability to setup reports, and schedule when and to whom they will automatically be sent.

Bounce Rate– The bounce rate tells us how many people come to your site and leave without going any further. Analytics let us view your bounce rate over time, and see how it varies from page to page.

Keyword Source – Knowing how customers find you is one of the most important questions in sales and marketing. Google Analytics tells us what search keywords people are using to find your site. If certain keywords are proving high traffic, you might want to consider selling keyword buys, content, and offers.

Browser Capabilities – Analytic’s Browser Capabilities feature let’s us see what browsers people use to view your site, and again, let’s you drill down to see how well users of different browsers convert against your goals.

Connection Data Speed– connection speed data helps our team determine how to prioritize your site’s design. If you still have a fair amount of people on lower bandwidth, you may want to make your site a little less heavy than if your site is all broadband traffic

Customer Loyalty – Our Analytics lets us track this piece of information over a specified date range to increase higher rates of customer loyalty.

Search Engine Traffic – We know which search engines are sending the most traffic and how well its converting can help us optimize your SEO.

Top Content – For every page on your site, Google Analytics tells us how many times it has been viewed how much time average visitors stay there, and how many people leave your site after visiting.



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